Who to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

So you’ve made the decision to install a wood burning stove in your house, and now you’re thinking “what next?”

Well we can help. 

Before we start, you’ve made a good choice. Wood burning stoves add so much to a home. They’re pleasing on the eye, whether you go for an old-style stove or modern industrial shape, emit the most wonderful cosy glow, and allow you to burn a reusable fuel source. 

All good news, we think you’ll agree. 

Now, moving on to the serious business of installation and more importantly who will install your stove. 

We’re going to answer some of the key questions, one by one, below. 

Who to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Can anyone Install a Wood Burning Stove?

Technically yes, but in reality absolutely not. 

When you think about it, this is a serious piece of fuel burning kit and not something to be taken lightly. 

When installing a wood burning stove, the installer needs to consider the condition and placement of the stove itself, the stove pipe and connection to the chimney, whether a twin wall flue system is required (if you don’t have a chimney), the potential use of fire cement, and various other factors. 

Not exactly a DIY job…

On top of that, an installer will have to consider all the various regulations that come with installing a wood burning appliance. 

Who can Install my Wood Burning Stove?

So you’re probably annoyed that we’ve burst your bubble here, but keep your DIY skills (which we have complete faith in!) to less flammable objects. 

Moving on, who exactly will install your stove then? 

In most cases, ideally you’ll want an expert and that will mean either a certified chimney sweep (as indicated by the Chimney Safety Institute of America) or a fireplace expert (as highlighted by the National Fireplace Institute). 

By hiring a certified professional, with expert experience and knowledge in the field, you’ll pretty much guarantee a warm and cosy home without any of the trouble or risk of self-installation. 

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states, “errors by a non-professional may not be visible” at first, and you may only realise that mistakes have been made when it’s too late and casualty or irreparable damage to your home is inevitable. 

Wood Burning Stove Regulations

With the professionals in mind, it’s worth thinking about the regulations at play and the United States EPA, in their own words, “govern the manufacture and sale of wood stoves build after 1988” so it’s important to pay heed to their regulations. 

This includes the performance standards for residential wood heaters (NSPS), which you can check out here. 

The EPA also state that each State will have its own requirements and you should make direct contact with your local health department or air agency if you’re concerned about the specifics in your local area. 

However, just remember that if you’re hiring a professional to handle your installation (as we suggested above) then they will take care of this. You can turn your attention to what type of beer you’ll enjoy during that first fire! 

Wood Burning Stove Installation Costs

Wood burning stove installation costs are another big consideration, obviously, and even more so when you realise that it isn’t a DIY job and instead requires certified professional help. 

So how much does it cost to install a wood burning stove? 

We’ve tackled this question a few times before, but right now we’re specifically looking at labour costs and those will range between $300 – $1000. The difference will depend on a couple of factors including whether or not you have an existing chimney space, as well as the skill and experience of the installer. 

Remember, this is an important job with fire and carbon monoxide risks, so don’t scrimp on the professional coming out to help. 

We hope this helps, and we hope you love your new wood burning stove when it’s successfully installed! 

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