How to Decorate an Unused Fireplace?

Do you own a fireplace that doesn’t work or that you don’t use?

Fireplaces can be a beautiful addition to your home, but if your chimney is closed or you no longer use the fireplace, why not decorate it in a way that will suit your home and your style?

Below we’ll look at some common, and some unusual ways in how to decorate an unused fireplace.

Reasons Why a Fireplace may Remain Unused

Fire Hazards

One of the main reasons why people may choose not to use a fireplace, is the risk of a fire. Small chimney fires can be caused by a build-up of creosote, and they can easily go undetected until your chimney/fireplace is inspected or properly cleaned. Severe fires can cause a lot of damage to your fireplace, home and assets and are a big risk to the people in your home.


Another reason why people may choose to not use their fireplace is that any fireplace will require a lot of maintenance if they’re being used on a regular basis. If you do not keep fireplaces clean and well maintained, it can risk fires, breakage, mess, and health problems. All this maintenance will cost time, money and effort.


Naturally, for those living in a warm area, a working fireplace will be less of a necessity or daily requirement. As a result they might only be used for decorative features.

How to Decorate an Unused Fireplace

There are many different ways you can decorate an unused fireplace; they don’t have to be used for heating purposes if you don’t want them to. Whether you live in a small apartment that doesn’t need the heat, or have a spare room fireplace sitting unused, the ideas below should help…

Statement Painting

A great and cost-effective way of decorating your unused fireplace could be as simple as painting it. For a neutral look, use colors such as white, tan, beige, cream, and light gray to open up a room and provide the sense of extra space. Painting the fireplace light neutral colors can blend with any decor.

Alternatively, you can explore the “statement” route of painting it in a contrasting color to become the main focal point of the room.

Stacked Wood

Neatly stacking wood in your fireplace is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to help it look more attractive. You can also add some colour by painting the wood logs before you put them inside. If you stack logs horizontally, paint a few ends for visual interest. However, if you place them vertically they can be fully painted.


If you want to add a twist to your fireplace space, add some plants and life. Add some plant pots just outside the fireplace or if you want to, put them inside. Please be aware that plants may not thrive/grow as well in a fireplace as it’s often too dark. For this reason, it may be better to add some high-quality fake foliage.


If you never plan on using your fireplace again, why not take advantage of the extra storage place and add some shelving. This could be the place you put some of your favourite ornaments or books. You can even paint the shelves to match your décor whilst making use of otherwise dead space.

Feature Candles

Adding a cluster of feature candles is a good choice as your adding that ambience you would be getting if you had a fire on, but with a lot less smoke or general maintenance. You’ll find that candles come in many different sizes, colours, styles and smells meaning you can pick and choose the right combination specifically for your home.


Another way to get a bit of light and ambiance without having a fire is to add a mixture of small and large lanterns or lamps. There are lots of different styles and colours so it shouldn’t be difficult to find some that you like. Just remain aware of possible wiring issues.


Artwork is a well-worn interior design option and in this case you could hang your favorite art pieces above the mantle, as expected, or stand it within your fireplace space for something slightly more unconventional.

Fireplace Library

A fireplace library may be too romantic a notion for some, but with the recessed space within the chimney of your home, it represents a perfect space to store your old favorites. You could simply stack the books as they come, or install shelving (as suggested above) and combine the two ideas.

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